Sprigg Street

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Southeast Missourian's series on Sprigg Street last week was aimed at understanding our city a little better.

Perhaps no street in Cape Girardeau represents a better cross-section of our town. Sure, there are more traveled streets, and streets that are more important in terms of businesses, health care and tax revenue.

But Sprigg Street offers a little of everything, from industry to small businesses, from the different types of neighborhoods.

We were thrilled to have met so many people along Sprigg Street and tell their stories. Sprigg Street highlights some of the city's biggest challenges. The south side of the city is much different than the north side. There is more poverty and crime there. But we also found that there are caring people on the south side, and it's a tight community whose members watch out for one another.

We found small-business owners who have found ways to thrive and evolve. We found apartment dwellers, students, owners of nicer homes. We talked to firefighters and police officers who work on the street.

Cape Girardeau is a conglomeration of people. We take the good with the bad. We work hard. And we help others. Sprigg Street tells us that.

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