Speak Out 6/19/08

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Signs of recession

I saw a near billionaire shopping in an area discount store recently. Never in my wildest imagination did I expect a Southeast Missourian like me would witness firsthand an example of recession chic.

Rush's nightmares

Give Rush Limbaugh a break. His obsession with nanotechnology results from his nightly nightmares about the post-2008 election size of the GOP.

Police complaints

Police officers need to quit thinking they are above everyone else because they can speed down Broadway, not use blinkers, and not stop at stop signs without getting in trouble. And quit complaining about what other people say about you. Do your job right, and nobody will complain.

Answering to the people

I'm not sure police officers think they have to answer to the public. If that were the case, drug dealers, robbers and other lawbreakers would not have to worry about being arrested. Nor would abusive or neglectful parents have any worries. Common sense has gone out the door with this attitude of unwillingness to accept responsibility for one's actions. Unless you are elected, your actions and attitude should be directed to the boss directly above you. To change this order of hierarchy is to create chaos and disorder within the ranks. Why would anyone want a police officer to answer to the public while the public lets politicians answer to cronies, a political party, lobbyists or other special-interest groups?

Musical money

I WOULD like the auditors of the Cape Girardeau School District to tell the public where all the money goes when there is a musical with a choir at Central Junior High School. The parents have to pay for the costumes and the tickets. My child is also in the band, and these concerts are free. It's funny how at the band concerts you don't see the junior high principal, especially if the concert is held at the high school, but the principal is always endorsing the musicals and telling our children to buy tickets.

Taxpayers are paying

NOW THE Cape Girardeau police want to be compared to big corporations regarding driving a company car. The difference is taxpayers are paying for the gasoline that is used when police cars are driven for personal use. Let them do this on their own time. Quit using our tax money.

Great cleanup

THANK YOU to the people who bought the trashy property in Egypt Mills and have done such a great job cleaning it up.

No more fees

THE GASOLINE situation makes for trying times for everybody, every household and our city and county governments. I know the first thing that they're going to think about is wanting to raise fees. I think they should cut back, even on some of the services. Do not replace some employees who retire. Be sure everyone is necessary. When they raise fees, they never go back to what they were. Be careful about passing this on to the people. We've already got all we can carry the way it is.

Fuel economy

IT APPEARS almost everybody is complaining about the high price of fuel for motor vehicles. I don't think anything should be done about that until people change their driving habits and start driving more conservatively so they can save petroleum. I would be in favor of not doing anything to cause the prices to go down. If people aren't smart enough to do something for themselves, they don't need any help.

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