Letter to the Editor

A question for the candidates

Thursday, June 19, 2008

To the editor:

Being a permanent resident who cannot obtain American citizenship for another five years, I have watched the 2008 national elections with amusement and keen interest.

I would like to point out a simple but basic fact:

When 9-11 happened, the world was shocked, but within 48 hours the outlandish claim was being promoted by a majority of senators and representatives that the terrorists who had committed this terrible situation had entered the U.S. through Canada.

When American officials investigated and proved the terrorists had entered the U.S. directly from their point of origin in Europe, not one of these honorable legislators bothered to issue an apology to the Canadian people.

It was these same neighbors to the north who risked their lives when the shah of Iran was deposed to get a lot of American diplomats out of Iran safely during a hostage situation.

Now the center of attention is the war in Iraq. I would love to hear the candidates for president answer one question honestly concerning President Bush:

Where would the U.S. be if Bush had not done what he decided to do?

The Taliban recognizes no country, nor do they support any Arab country. How many U.S. lives has the president's directions and orders saved?

Who is really putting the needs and safety of the American people in general first? It is always easy to pass judgment on someone when we haven't walked a mile in his shoes.

G.E. PROCTOR, Jackson