Oran man charged with forcible rape

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ORAN, Mo. — Cameron M. Gettings, 17, of Oran, was arrested Monday and charged with forcible rape after allegedly assaulting a juvenile in Chaffee, Mo.

According to a probable cause statement written and signed by Dustin Jarrell, of the Chaffee police department, the vicitm's borther, also a juvneile, cotnacted police and told them his sister had been raped.

The vicitm was too upset to be able to speak clearly, but conveyed to officers that a male subject had pushed his way into her house and she had thrown a table at him trying to get away.

"He wouldn't stop," she told police.

Jarrell asked the vicitm to take him to the residence where the attack had occurred. When they arrived, he had her sit on the couch and asked her if she knew the person who'd raped her. She identified Gettings, according to the sworn statement.

She also stated that her bibycle was now misisng.

The victim received a sexual assault exam and evidence was collected at a nearby hospital. While at the hospital with the vicitm, Jarrell learned that police had already taken Gettings into custody.

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