Speak Out 6/18/08

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sealing the roads

AFTER NEARLY 40 years of eating dust, it is sure a beautiful sight to see the crews sealing the county roads again. Thanks to all who supported the road improvements.

Delivery costs

I AM one of Carly Wilson's delivery drivers. Her analysis of where the gas crunch leaves our business is quite accurate. On an average closing shift, I will use half a tank (about $22) worth of gas and recoup about $15 in gas reimbursement. While we appreciate our customers and take pride in offering great customer service, we drivers can't afford to be out of pocket for gas. We don't make much money, but my wife and children rely on that small extra income to pay our bills and buy food. I would ask our customers to consider that when they put together the money to pay for their order. Another way our customers can help is to contact our corporate offices and ask them to help us. We are grateful for all of you and pleased to serve you. However, when we go out-of-pocket for gas, we must start considering alternative second jobs. Our beloved customer base will have to come get their own food soon. We drivers simply cannot afford to pay for the gas. Carly has done all she can to ease our burden, but only corporate officials can alleviate it entirely.

Global takeover

THE LIKELY of Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt, other politicians and thousands of ordinary Missourians to save Anheuser-Busch from a takeover by a foreign concern exhibits the total abandonment of the long successful America First foreign policy for one of globalization, a bankruptcy brought about by the dastardly deeds of both major political parties. We are governed by a duopoly.

Class work, not gym

WHY DO school officials bother to have summer school in the Scott County Central School District? The high school students spend the majority of their day in the gym. Are they really that driven to win in basketball that we have basketball summer school? My daughter comes home every day talking about what fun they had. Shouldn't they be in class?

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