Speak Out 08/11/04

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

There are no losers

JUST A short note to say thank you to the Southeast Missourian for its editorial comments on the Opinion page Friday about the candidates who were unsuccessful in their bids for office. Although difficult in the early moments of defeat not to take it personally, your words helped me and other candidates to feel that we are an important part of the democratic process and that there really are no losers. Thanks, I needed that.

Unsupervised children

THIS IS in response to a Speak Out comment about the swimming pools in Mulberry Acres. My husband and I are among the many pool owners in the park. We have two children. We have had our pool one year and have not had any problems with any small children trying to get into our pool. We also supervise our children while they are in the pool and make sure that no other kids try to get in. What needs to be addressed is the parents around here who let their children run around without any supervision.

Poor scheduling

ONCE AGAIN, our city officials show a lack of common sense or concern for taxpayers regarding a project to ease traffic congestion on Mount Auburn Road. It's going to take several weeks to take care of this. When are they starting it? Right when school starts. Why didn't the city do this over the summer when traffic isn't as heavy?

The basic family

THOSE WHO wish to destroy the family and the future of this country advocate such things as gay marriage, no-fault divorce, encouraging mothers to attack fathers and destroy them in court, promoting the incorrect image that dads who are divorced by moms are automatically deadbeat dads, and more. Don't assume that all these programs set up to support moms and children are really for that purpose. There are horror stories you would not believe. Since the 1960s, organizations and groups have been chipping away at the strong family base for this country, and we are letting them do it, chip by chip. A good father is the cornerstone of any good family. We should return to the basic family and do all we can at all levels to encourage it.

Preserving marriage

MY VOTE was one of the hundreds of thousands Missourians cast to ban gay marriage. I voted to preserve marriage as it is -- between a man and a woman. I also did not want to legitimize what I feel to be an aberrant lifestyle.

Ask more questions

FELLOW RESIDENTS of Cape Girardeau, let's keep asking questions about the school board, school administration and city government. It is the only way to eventually get to the truth and get things to change. Those at the top may not like it, but this is our right.

Bike to work

I WOULD like to rebut the "Trail is for bikers" comment. Cyclists are traffic. According to Missouri statute 307.188, "Every person riding a bicycle or motorized bicycle upon a street or highway shall be granted all of the rights and shall be subject to all of the duties applicable to the driver of a vehicle." If a slower driver doesn't abide by the minimum posted speed, then a driver may pass at the first safe and possible opportunity. The hiking-biking trail has given many residents an opportunity to get in shape by riding a bike or walking in a safe area away from traffic. The trail is for recreational cyclists, but people who commute by bike will always be on the streets. Ride a bike to work. You'll feel better and never have to complain about gas prices.

Biking on Route W

I CAN'T figure out why so many people ride their bicycles on Route W between the golf course and Fruitland. It seems very dangerous to ride on that road. The road is narrow, and there are a lot of hills and sharp turns. I take that road every day to work and back, and it makes me nervous because I never know when I'm going to come around a turn and there will be five or six bicyclists taking up the whole road. Someone is going to get hurt. I guess like everything else, until someone does, it won't be addressed.

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