Albrecht family reunion

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Over Memorial Weekend, the descendants of Louis and Edna Albrecht gathered for a family reunion. The reunion was celebrated as a surprise to Lou Albrecht, Louis and Edna's youngest child and also a member of the National Softball Hall of Fame. Louis and Edna had 9 children: Glenn, Gertrude, Grace, Gordon, Garnett, George, Bob, Betty and Lou. On May 24 the family in attendance gathered at the family farm in Scott City where these siblings grew up. Jane Albrecht (wife of George who is now deceased) makes her home on the farm. Glenn, who lived in Oregon has passed on, as has Garnett of Clearwater, Florida, and Bob, who also lived in Scott City. The remaining siblings were all in attendance. Glenn's oldest son, Richard, his wife, Muriel, and daughter, Shauna, of Gainesville FL came for the reunion, as well as his son, Chris from St. Rose LA. Glenn's other two sons, Dave and Leonard, were not able to attend. Gertrude Roeh lives in Houston, TX. Her two children attended: Bill and his wife, Beth, from Bonham TX; and Judy Smith from Minneapolis, MN. Grace Sandager lives in Wheat Ridge, CO. Her four daughters and one son-in-law attended: Donna and her husband, Vic Lebsock from Raleigh, NC; Linda Sandager of Wheat Ridge; Helen Sandager of Kelseyville CA; and Evy Sandager of Reno NV. Gordon still lives in Scott City and two of his three children attended: Ron, and wife, Barbara Duesing, of Dodge City KS and Walter of Maryland Hts. MO. His daughter, Carolyn Stock, was unable to attend. Garnett has two sons. Bruce Albrecht, his wife, Yvette, their son, Alistair, their grandson, Dylan, and Alistar's fiance, Cara Nazaruk travelled to the reunion from London. Garnett's other son, Steve, was not able to attend. George and Jane have two daughters who attended and they both live in Scott City. Vicki Howell, her son, Adam, his wife, Jaime, their daughter Michaela attended as did her other son, Brett, his fiance, Cassie Goodman, their son, Xzander; Becky Tapley, her husband, Richard, and their children, Whitney and Austin. Bob and Mabel have two sons, Melvin (unable to attend), and Mark, his wife, Karen of Marion, IL. Mark's children, Mandy, and husband Orville, Earl of Lebanon, OH; and Danny of Marion IL attended as well. Mark's other daughter, Sherry, did get to visit with some relatives on Friday evening before the festivities began. Betty and her husband, Ken Schuba travelled from Polson MT to see everyone at the reunion. Betty and Ken have four children and all attended: Don from Port Angeles WA; Dave from North Bend WA; Doug, his wife, Meg, and two of their three children, Matt and Andrea of Evansville IN; and Janelle Evans, with her two children, Ryan and Nate from Louisville KY. Lou and her friend, Barbara Zwick from Fairfield CT rounded out the entourage.

As you can see, they came from all over. On Saturday there was a lunch followed by conversations, looking at pictures, exchange of family tree information, and games of badminton and corn hole. Saturday evening the group traversed to the River Ridge Winery where a good time was had by all. Sunday morning the entire group attended worship service at Eisleben Lutheran Church, where Louis and Edna Albrecht attended and nearly all their children were baptized and raised in the church. They gathered again to eat in the church parish hall, this time joined by their cousins on the Roth side of the family. Edna Albrecht's maiden name was Roth. About 80 people attended this assembly. More pictures were shared and family tree updates were achieved. Most of the family returned home late Sunday or early Monday morning, but those who still remained enjoyed a late lunch/early dinner at Lambert's in Sikeston on Monday.

The picture of the group was taken in the barn on the farm, gathered around a tractor that had been owned by George and refurbished by his grandson, Adam Howell

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