Speak Out 08/10/04

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Thanks for cutting weeds

THIS IS just to thank whoever is responsible for mowing the weeds along Route W from Lynwood Hills down to Kenneth Street. They did a good job, and now it's a lot safer. We really do appreciate it out here. Thank you very much.

Overweight children

I'D LIKE to speak out on all of the overweight youngsters we see today. Where are the parents today? Why are they letting their children become so overweight? Of course, they're overweight themselves. They're not very good role models. They better wake up. Somebody needs to take care of these children.

Speaking English

OBVIOUSLY, THE official language of the United States is English. We were taught English from kindergarten through college. Our textbooks, magazines, books, currency, road signs, optometrist vision tests, driver's license tests state merit exams, applications for employment and election ballots are all printed in English. If only our warranties and automatic telephone prompts would only realize that, we'd be in great shape.

Kids are hanging out

THE PARKING lots on Broadway these days are covered with teenagers hanging out. There may not be any problems with hanging out, but as I drive by there are kids smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and yelling things at the cars that drive by. Where are the parents? Are they aware of what their children are doing?

Was it worth it?

THE WOMAN who hit the state highway patrol trooper was charged with going 75 mph in a 70-mph zone. Is 5 mph really worth it for a trooper to get out in the middle of a high-speed roadway to wave someone over? I fully support those who serve and protect, and I am very happy that the trooper is doing better. But this really bothers me. The trooper could have been killed.

Welfare and taxes

A RECENT caller remarked that illegal immigrants don't pay taxes and that the welfare rolls are growing every day. Both are false statements. The welfare rolls have been greatly decreased. What taxes do illegal immigrants not pay? If they work, they pay income taxes. If they buy things, they pay sales taxes. The only reason illegal immigrants can come here and work is that most Americans refuse to do the kind of work they will do. And we have unethical, native-born employers who will illegally employ them at less than minimum wages.

Tourism asset

PEOPLE IN Cape Girardeau may not care about the Glenn House, but the tourists who visit Cape on a regular basis enjoy it a great deal. It is a gem and deserves to be preserved. Kudos to the city council for appropriating the necessary funds for repairs.

Financial sense

ATTENTION, CAPE Girar-deau taxpayers. While so much attention is being given to the cooling system at Central High School, as it should be, the school district is slipping in five reading coaches who will have no contact with our children but will be paid with our money. Please remember that the district let go a number of teachers through the budget-cutting process and is making students pay to play sports. Is this sound financial sense? Please start asking questions of your board of education members. We deserve to have input in the education of our children.

Do it our way

I HAVE no problem with immigrants coming into the United States from any part of the world as long as they learn our language and learn to do things our way. If I move to one of their countries, I would fully expect to learn their language and customs. This great nation didn't get to where it is today by doing things how they're done in other countries. In a few years, this country will be just like the one they left in the first place.

Education complaints

PEOPLE OFTEN complain about teachers and their negative influences and tendencies to brainwash. But the ones who are complaining about teachers and the educational system are the first ones to gloat about how well their children did on the honor roll and the scholarship their children received. If it weren't for the educational institutions (both public and private), most complainers would have very little to be proud of in their children. The research does not print a favorable picture of kids without an education. If people want to complain, they need to do so less about education and more about the stress on our country by the uneducated.

Thanks for the help

I WANTED to thank the woman at the Knights of Columbus Hall -- her name was Reilly -- who helped me. I fell down, and she administered first aid. I went to the doctor, and I'm a lot better again. I just wanted to express my thanks once more.

Later swimming hours

WHEN OUR city was small, we could afford to have swimming pools open until 9 or 10 o'clock at night. Now we are bigger, and our swimming pool closes early in the evening. I'm an adult who needs enjoyment and physical exercise for a healthier body. What has happened? I say keep open our swimming pool later in the evening.

Do something

WHAT ARE we going to do about the drug problem in this country? The young people are walking around in a stupor because of drugs. Something must be done. The American people demand it.

Limit on children

I THINK the city council ought to take another look at restrictions on pet ownership. I have several dogs, but they stay inside or in the fenced-in dog walk which is set far back on my property. The biggest problem I have is with the neighbor kids who sometimes try to poke at the dogs to get them agitated. Maybe we need a restriction on how many kids the city should have. They're much more trouble than the dogs.

Prescription for anger

I JUST returned from the pharmacy, and I am so mad that I'm just about to blow my stack. I went to get my prescription that has always been $16.80. When I got my prescription today it was $82 for the same amount. I was told the reason for the rise in price was because senior citizens are going to get a discount card, and I will save 20 to 30 percent. So I will be paying $50 with the prescription card for the same medicine that I was getting for $16.80. What kind of rip-off is this, and how long is the American public going to be put up with this scam? I don't understand. It's just beyond me how anyone could stoop to that level.

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