Letter to the Editor

Pick Cabinet before election

Saturday, June 7, 2008

To the editor:

Shadow Cabinet: The British candidate for prime minister announces, in advance, some or all of the people who would be in his Cabinet if he were to be elected prime minister. This group then campaigns together. Barack Obama should do that in this election.

Senator Obama should announce, soon, that when he is elected he will name Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico as secretary of state. Governor Richardson has been ambassador to the U.N. and is well-known for having negotiated the release of hostages, American servicemen and political prisoners in North Korea, Iraq and Cuba. His foreign-policy credentials are impeccable. His selection as secretary of state would knock into a cocked hat the Republican attack on Senator Obama that he lacks foreign-policy experience. Governor Richardson is also Hispanic, a group of swing voters that the Republican Party is pushing toward the Democrats.

Senator Obama should also announce that, upon his election, he will name U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri as attorney general. Senator McCaskill was prosecuting attorney of Jackson County (Kansas City) and was auditor of Missouri. She would be a strong and capable attorney general. She is also a powerful campaigner and is strong with the rural Missourians Senator Obama needs in his corner. She would bring the swing state of Missouri into the Democratic column.

JOHN L. COOK, Cape Girardeau