Safety tips

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

* Learn to swim and swim well. No one should swim alone. Adults should practice "reach supervision," which means to be within arm's length of a child in case an emergency occurs.

* Outfit everyone with proper gear. Children and adults who are not strong swimmers should use U.S. Coast Guard-approved personal flotation devices when they are in or around water.

* Keep basic lifesaving equipment by the pool and know how to use it. This includes a first-aid kit, a cordless phone, a phone list with emergency contact information, a reaching pole and a ring buoy with a nylon line.

* Pack a "safety" bag for a day at the beach or lake. It should include waterproof sunscreen, water shoes to keep feet safe from heat and sharp objects, water, a hat and sunglasses.

* Learn first aid and CPR. All caregivers, including grandparents, older siblings and babysitters, should have these lifesaving skills.

Source: American Red Cross

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