Golf tips for the downtown tournament

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Expert advice you should know before entering the downtown golf tournament. 


There's a lot of difference. Normal golf you play on grass and downtown golf you're on concrete.

You do have some different hazards. You're having to fight the buildings and curbs are definitely hazards.

A good tip is definitely to bring your 5 iron and be able to gauge your wind direction. With that birdie ball, the wind just loves to take it everywhere.

Darryl Morgan, Town Crier and Downtown Golf Tournament veteran.

Only one club. Almost everyone uses a 5-iron. Dress Comfortably.

Don't take anything seriously.

Come with a big appetite.

Don't cheat. Don't keep score. Don't run with scissors. Don't complain.

Remember that it's for a good cause.

Have fun, that's the most important one.

Joe Sullivan, Downtown Golf Tournament Godfather.

You don't have to be a golfer at all. Actually it's more fun if you're not. It's like a big putt putt course.

All you need is one club. It doesn't matter what shape the club is in. Actually we discourage people from using really expensive clubs in case they do hit the concrete.

Just prepare to come have fun.

Charlie Herbst, first-ever tournament organizer.

It's a little easier to get off of the ground. Don't try to lift it up in the air; it's going to jump up in the air on it's own.

Don't try to scoop it. Hit down and through it.

If you just hit the ball below the center line it'll go up in the air.

Just relax and if you hit it below the equator it'll fly perfect.

John Breaker, Birdieball inventor.

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