Congrats, grads

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Graduation season has just ended for high schools and colleges, and it has been encouraging to see the achievements and promise of so many scholars, young and old.

High schools have started adding up the scholarships and other awards granted to graduating seniors, and the the totals are impressive, reaching into the hundreds of thousands of dollars at each school. These grants, awarded for academic excellence, will be used to defray some -- and, in some cases, most -- of the costs of college. Thanks to this financial boost, many of these college-bound grads will obtain college degrees without the burden of hefty loans or raids on their parents' bank accounts.

Many of today's college graduates have furthered their education in hopes of better jobs. And many of this year's grads have already experienced the real world of juggling work, education and families. Now they are ready to offer their skills and training to employers who need well-prepared workers to compete in this technological world.

Good luck to all of the 2008 graduates. To high school grads planning to go on to college: Try hard to absorb all that you are taught. You have an opportunity to broaden the horizons that will help you fulfill your dreams. To college grads looking for jobs: Your education gives you a wonderful advantage, but don't forget simple basics. It still pays to comb your hair and dress appropriately when you show up for that job interview.

To all graduates: Make your parents proud. They have made tremendous sacrifices for you, and your efforts to succeed as students and as industrious contributors to society will more than repay them.

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