Speak Out 5/31/08

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Some benefits

I WILL be glad when gasoline gets to $10 per gallon. There will be less traffic, and the streets will not wear out as quickly.

Snowball effect

DON'T PEOPLE realize that when the price of gasoline goes up, other things are affected? Motorists won't be going anywhere because they can't afford gas, which means people won't be buying other things, which will hurt the economy.

Can't afford it

GASOLINE PRICES, utilities, food -- everything is going up except our pay. How is a person supposed to make ends meet? There is too much month at the end of the money. Something has to be done, and the government is not going to do it. God help us all.

Moped regulations

THERE IS no reason why moped riders should not be held to the same standards as motorcyclists. Helmets, insurance and licenses should all be mandatory.

Pay it forward

WHILE FINISHING my Chinese meal with ice cream, I saw a man at the register paying his bill. We made eye contact, and I heard him saying to the man at the register,"Pay for her meal too." I said, "You don't have to do that." He said, "Yes I do!" He paid the bill and walked out the door. I was shocked and felt very special because of his act of generosity. His actions reminded me of the movie about a boy who "paid it forward." How many times do people give without wanting anything in return? So many times we see the dark side of life. This man gave me a lift. I want to thank him. His actions made my day.

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