Letter to the Editor

Clinton right to stay in race

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

To the editor:

For the record, I am no Clinton, Obama or McCain fan. I do not feel that Sen. Hillary Clinton had any dark motive behind her statement, as suggested and trumped up by the pro-Obama media. The Democrats' primary process has been a circus.

Why is there so much pressure on Senator Clinton to withdraw from this race? Would we demand a candidate to throw in the towel before all the votes are counted in a primary election, particularly when the vote is as close as this one, with Clinton leading the popular vote? This is another example of the Washington bullying with the backing of the biased media. It is indeed odd to see the leftist-slanted media so viciously attacking their own.

Why not let this primary run its course and let the people have their say? After the 2000 general election claims of a stolen election, I feel that the Democratic National Committee is showing an unprecedented level of hypocrisy. And while I am no Clinton fan, I do admire her steadfastness and feel that the media needs to lay off. Obama should be the one she is battling here, not the media.