Speak Out 5/25/08

Sunday, May 25, 2008


I have a query

about the rock quarry.

Will the dust block out

a summer night starry?

No quarry complaints

I WAS raised down the road from the old Rock Hill Quarry in St. Louis County, one of the largest quarries in the Midwest. It was the location for an episode of the old "Route 66" TV program. I have many family members who continue to live in the area. I don't remember hearing a single person ever complain about the quarry operation. All the people hollering about the potential quarry in Cape Girardeau County remind me of those who scream the sky is falling.

Missing money

I WON'T condemn the person who turned in my wallet minus the money. This person may have been the second individual to have found the billfold. Maybe someone else stole the money and this innocent person turned it in. So we shouldn't judge.

Quarry boom

I LIVE near a quarry. I can feel a big boom occasionally. It's not peaceful to always hear this boom. People have a right to complete peace if they want it.

Getting it right

REGARDING THE calls for an end of the good-old-boy network in county government: Cape Girardeau County is consistently ranked at or near the top of all 114 counties in the state for fiscal stability and has been for many years. The good old boys must have been doing something right.

Dust on highway

IF ANYBODY has any questions about what a rock quarry will do to their community or the surrounding area, I'm going on Highway 74 at the Bloomfield Road intersection. The dust is so thick that you can barely see. Nothing is being done to squelch the dust. It is definitely a hazard.

Milk prices

SEVERAL YEARS ago, the government, which used to be us, bailed out the dairy farmers because they couldn't turn a profit. Now that milk prices are over $3 a gallon, they are accused of price fixing. Come on now. Under $3 is an insult to the farmer and the cow. I spend more than that on gas to go to get my gallon of milk. Most of us wouldn't get up at 4 o'clock on Sunday morning for a free gallon of milk, much less milking the cow.

No Saturday mail

WE ALL complain about the economy, but we are not willing to sacrifice. Just one example would be to stop Saturday mail delivery. Think of the fuel that would be saved. The mail is going to be a week or more late anyway, so what's one more day?

Not able to give

SOMEONE GAVE $100 and said he felt great. More power to you. I wish I could give $20, but I don't have $20 to give. I don't qualify for food stamps. I've been unemployed for two years. I can't seem to find a job, and I have a degree. If you can give $100 to the food bank, God bless you.

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