Speak Out 5/24/08

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Loose dogs

THERE ARE leash laws. My family has been walking and jogging. It never fails that we see loose dogs and have been chased. We have elderly neighbors who are scared to walk. Tonight we had a dog in our yard. Have some respect for others.

Climate-change skeptics

ONCE AGAIN the climate-change skeptics trot out their distortions, this time through the mindless comments of right-wing cultist Cal Thomas. The letter to Canadian Prime Minister Harper that Thomas mentions was written by the same nonexperts and energy-lobby shills that have fueled the entire pretense that there is a scientific debate on climate change. There is not. Many of the folks signing the letter are not even scientists, much less experts. Meanwhile, most climate scientists have, like the tobacco scientists before them -- been bought out by the grants and payments received from corporations. What they lack, however, is a body of published science supporting their empty claims.

Potential for greatness

I HAVE a new nickname for Cape Girardeau: "The City of Untapped Potential." We can be 10 times better than we are right now. We can be known as more than just the town with the mall and the big Wal-Mart. In the past, Cape Girardeau was the first city in this part of the state to have railroads, electricity and telephones. This city was once called by Mark Twain the "Athens of the Mississippi." We were great in the past. We can be great again. What has happened to us?

Dangerous highway

WHEN IS Highway 77 between Chaffee and Oran going to be paved? The road is dangerous for small cars and motorcycles. Motorcycle operators run near the center of the road. If they get over into the grooves, they would surely have trouble controlling their bikes.

Hungry pets

WE HAVE too many cats and dogs in our country eating our food. That is costing us a lot of money. It's OK to have a dog, but if you've got two or three, that is taking a lot of our food.

Good article

I JUST read the article in The Tiger, the school paper, on separation of church and state by Nicki Cochran. I want to commend her for her work on this. It's a good article. Everything she said was good.

Scott City mowing

SINCE SCOTT City is issuing tickets to residents, even the elderly who are unable to mow, for high weeds, how about the city practices what it preaches? Check out the old city hall and other lots the city is responsible for. At Third Street and Cherry, the weeds are at least two feet tall. You can't see through the intersection.

Cape Rock weeds

I WOULD like to know why the weeds have not been cut along Cape Rock Drive along the river where the overlook is. The weeds all through that area are at least three or four feet tall. They have not been cut one time this year, and it's getting worse by the day.

Route W pothole

OK. THE pothole has been on Route W long enough. It's going to cause somebody's tire to drop off. Please fix this. It's after where you can turn to get to Oriole if you're going north. Please do something or I may lose my car.

Stopping for funerals

I DO not believe a person should get a ticket for not stopping for a funeral procession. That should be a matter of personal choice. Of course, God will see those who stop and realize they have a respect for human life. But some of those people may have to get to work or have some other pressing need.

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