Speak Out 08/01/04

Sunday, August 1, 2004

Upset by handling

I HAVE talked to several people around Cape Girardeau, and everyone seems to upset about the way the heating and air-conditioning system at the high school is being handled. That should have been handled under a warranty if it has never worked properly. I can understand why we have a problem passing tax issues.

Plenty of questions

I HAVE questions for the school board in reference their $240,000 contract to fix the heating and air conditioning system. I understand that some district official signed off on the system and the installer wasn't being held responsible for anything. If so, that person should be fired for wasting our money. Were there bids for this $240,000 contract? I expect answers from the school board, or else I will give them my answer at the next election.

Drug cards aren't popular

DID CHARLES Jarvis, head the United Seniors Association, realize how upset seniors are with prescription drug discount cards before he wrote a column extolling their virtues?

Conditional truth

SYNDICATED columnist Walter E. Williams's generalities are far too sweeping. For example, he recently wrote that socialism is evil. That's true only if you're rich.

Daily entertainment

I READ the comments from the bank teller complaining about watching people do things while the microphone is off. Hey, customers, don't stop. I am also a bank teller, and watching you is the highlight of my day.

Administrative cuts

CENTRAL HIGH School could benefit from some staff restructuring. We have far too many administrators who are being paid far too much. Our administrators are not very influential in the actual educational process of young, developing minds. The state requires one administrator for every 500 students. Suppose we assign each academic department a head. Require department heads to have a master's degree in their subject area. They could handle enough of the administrative duties that we could get rid of a few administrators. Having a person who is most knowledgeable about the subject areas of each particular department would be better for the educational process.

Nuisance at library

WHY ARE there so many unsupervised small children hanging out on the main floor of the university library this summer? They spend a lot of time surfing the unfiltered Internet and creating a disturbance. I pay big tuition to that school, and these kids are a nuisance.

Playing with strangers

I WOULD like to comment on how well the Jaycee Municipal Golf Course is run and maintained. But a recurring problem happened again today. I called today for a tee time and was told that my golf buddy and I would have to be placed with two strangers in order to play. Imagine going to a nice restaurant with an old friend or your spouse and being told that you would be seated with another couple in order to fill the restaurant. You are not there just for the golf, but also for conversation. When put with strangers, you have to constantly filter your conversation, because you don't know about these people. Let's change this practice of forcing us to play with strangers.

Out of sight ...

A CALLER said, "The police have to see it happening." Really? They have to see the murder? They have to see the bank robbery? The have to see the forged check being passed? They have to see a person shoplift? Give me a break.

Advice isn't needed

COUNT ME among those who do not want to hear a minister telling me for whom to vote. I am an intelligent, thinking person who keeps abreast of world events, and I need no assistance in the voting department.

Blame the media

CAL THOMAS' columns are particularly popular with Bible Belt conservatives. Yet I have a feeling that even they will have trouble swallowing Thomas's latest thesis that the responsibility for 9-11 rests with the media.

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