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Sunday, August 1, 2004

Men wear women's thongs in store on a dare

SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. -- Two men who were arrested for walking through a Wal-Mart while wearing women's thong underwear blamed the stunt on a "triple-dog dare," authorities said. The men, ages 35 and 36, bought two pair of underwear at the store Tuesday, went into a bathroom and came out wearing only the thongs and T-shirts, police said. Police caught the men in the parking lot, and reviewed a surveillance tape before arresting them for public indecency and disorderly conduct. When asked why they were wearing thong underwear, one of the men said a friend "triple-dog dared" them. They will not be prosecuted, authorities said.

Democrats proudly wear 'girlie men' T-shirts

SAN FRANCISCO -- "Girlie men" are wearing their party pride. San Francisco-based fashion designer Sarah Lefton is selling T-shirts that read "Sacramento Girlie Men" like mad. She put California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's now famous put-down of Democratic lawmakers on the shirts. Schwarzenegger called Democratic legislators "girlie men" whipped by special interests during a July 17 rally. Demand has been pumping up, with orders coming in from as far away as Ireland, Lefton said. The shirts sell for $24 and Lefton promises to donate 20 percent to the state Democratic party.

Rabid bat spoils Florida woman's breakfast

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- A journalism professor received rabies shots after encountering a rabid bat while eating breakfast outside of a downtown cafe. Cheryl Koski said she was eating at a table outside the Dome Grill when she felt something crawling on her left ankle. She trapped the bat with a restaurant tray and called animal control. It tested positive for rabies. Officials say it's possible to contract the potentially fatal virus without being bitten. She got three shots and will have to receive four more over the next month.

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