Parish cast keeps its 'Appointment With Death'

Thursday, July 29, 2004

However predictable the plot and format, it is hard not to get wrapped up in an Agatha Christie murder mystery and such is the case with the St. Vincent de Paul parish's production of Christie's "Appointment With Death."

This is the 13th production the parish has put on as a youth ministry play and judging by this year's offering, there is no lack of interesting material or talented youngsters to choose from.

"Appointment With Death" is the story of a psychotically over-bearing step mother and her messed up brood who travel to Jerusalem where they meet up with assorted characters and where someone is to, of course, make an appointment with death.

The story was written in 1945 and this production's costumes do a good job of recreating that moment in time. Details like the men's and women's hats and the women's hairstyles really help to create a specific era.

Another detail that helps make the production more realistic is the overall success of the actors' British accents.

Rachel Roggow does an excellent job of portraying the snooty Lady Westholme, down to her upper crust accent and her haughty facial expressions.

On the other extreme, Jonathan Long also does a good job portraying the working class Alderman Higgs who delights in upsetting Lady Westholme.

Some other fine performances include Chelsea Spaeth as Dr. Sarah King, who might be considered one of the play's most likable characters, and Jonathan Atwood as Dr. Theodore Gerard. He even manages to pull off a pretty good French accent and conveys the air of an older, distinguished doctor.

Katie Jenkins, who plays Miss Amabel Pryce, does not have a big role, but every time she is on the stage she has quite a likable presence.

Each of the young actors, however, give the material their all.

While it will come as no surprise that one of the characters in "Appointment with Death" will wind up dead, it is the famous Christie twists and turns that will keep the audience glued to their seats until the last scene.

The cast of "Appointment With Death" includes: Chris Edleman, Joelle Trower, Dana Wozniak, Jessica Anderson, Brian McCrate, Jesse Klipfel, Jonathan Long, Ian Spaeth, Rachel Roggow, Katie Jenkins, Jonathan Atwood, Chelsea Spaeth, Cole Jenkins, Jordan Voss, Adam Reinagel, Brandon Erwin and Justin Moore. It is directed by Gerry Strohmeyer.

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What: St. Vincent de Paul Parish's production of "An Appointment With Death"

When: 7 p.m. tonight, Friday and Saturday

Where: St. Vincent de Paul Parish, 1913 Caruthers

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