Letter to the Editor

Cape has great summer activities

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

To the editor:

I am writing to rave about what awesome summer activities Cape Girardeau has to offer its youths. As a teacher who stays home with her children during the summer, I am able to take advantage of all of the wonderful programs available. I must start with the incredible efforts of the youth staff at our public library. They give children every incentive to read and take part in fun, educational activities over the summer. My youngest looked forward to Lunch Bunch weekly. The craft we brought home Family Night is hanging where all can see. Thank you, ladies.

I must also comment on the fantastic activities offered by the Cape Girardeau parks and recreation crew. My boys have taken part in many classes over the years, and they've all been tremendous. This year was no exception. The tennis class my youngest took part in was super. He enjoyed it thoroughly and was a much better player after the short session. Thanks to those two enthusiastic coaches. I can't forget to mention Family Fun Day. We enjoy that day every summer. Keep up the great work.

My oldest son got involved in sports camps all summer, and he got a lot out of all of them. They were all skills-oriented, yet he had a blast.

My two sons and I just wanted to express our appreciation to all of the people involved in these programs at all levels.