Letter to the Editor

Illegal immigrants add public costs

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

To the editor:

Regarding the July 25 story "Weaving a network of Latino support": Don't use "Latinos" when you're really talking about illegal aliens. Legal immigrants don't need or want expanded public services because they're part of the group footing the bill: law-abiding taxpayers. It's the illegals, who evade taxes by working for cash, who use public welfare programs: free medical care, child care, food stamps, welfare payments and housing subsidies.

Natalie Sandoval, Robert Polack and Adelaide Parsons represent a growing group of advocates who serve not the taxpaying public, but the welfare constituency. Mayor Jay Knudtson represents a group of elected officials who pander to the votes they hope to receive.

Expand and tailor public agencies and public service programs to Latinos? What happened to Sandoval's claim that they "just want to work and have a better life?" We're constantly reminded by Sandoval and other defenders that illegal aliens contribute much more to the system than they take. Taxpayer cost of illegal aliens is the primary reasons for California's financial problems. Those who want to work, pay their taxes and live like Americans live, as I did. Why does Southeast Missouri want to become another California?