Father, daughter bid tearful goodbye to 'Amazing Race'

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Where else but on "The Amazing Race" would you see a little person get zapped by an electrically charged fence while running through the mud in Argentina?

I'd bet nowhere. Dwarf Charla Faddoul and her average-sized cousin, Mirna Hindoyan, continue to blaze their way through "The Amazing Race," finishing in second place, right behind Colin Guinn and Christie Woods, on Tuesday's episode. Charla uses her small size to her advantage. She says people love to help dwarfs. At the airport in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she tells the ticket agent, "I need doctoro," to get on a plane ahead of the other teams and it works. If anything will bring this duo down, it's Mirna, who is more concerned with flirting with host Phil Keoghan when she gets to each week's Pit Stop. On the way to Bahia Lopez, Argentina, she asks Charla, "Does my hair look OK?" This is a race around the world, not a beauty contest!

Military dad Jim McCoy and daughter Marsha arrive at Bahia Lopez last and are eliminated. They fall behind in the third leg when they're the last to catch a flight out of Buenos Aires. Their heartfelt goodbye to the race is touching. "I learned from my dad that you can do unbelievable things even when you're the underdog," Marsha says. "I'm so proud of her, I can't put it into words," Jim says. Aww.

"The Amazing Race" airs Tuesday on CBS.

On "Who Wants to Marry My Dad?" Marty Okland's daughters spend time with each of the remaining three ladies and uncover some dirty little secrets. Marilyn once married and divorced a man on the same weekend; Stacy lies to guys she's not interested in, saying she's a lesbian; and Suzanne once spent $6,000 during a single shopping spree and owns more than 50 pairs of designer shoes.

Marilyn's secret takes the cake -- married and divorced in one weekend?! Now that's good dirt. I'm sure it has something to do with why the girls pick Marilyn as one of the two least compatible with their dad. The other is Stacy. Both women take lie detector tests, and Stacy really proves she's better for Marty than Marilyn. When the girls ask Marilyn if she thinks she's the best match for their dad out of the remaining women, she says yes, but the lie detector says she's not telling the truth. The girls send her packing.

Stacy and Suzanne have clearly stated that they love Marty. I'm sticking with my gut and still say the girls will pick Suzanne for their dad. Suzanne is sweeter, less of a drama queen and frankly, I've had enough of Stacy's obnoxious breast implants.

The finale is Aug. 2 on NBC.

It's no surprise that Mike Lubinski was voted out last week on CBS' "Big Brother 5." With a vote of 10 to 0 over Jennifer Dedmon, he should be proud. He was such a threat, no one could stand to keep him in the house.

Lori Valenti, who already won $10,000 the day the game began, and ditzy model Holly King were up on the chopping block until Tuesday night when Jase Wirey used the Golden Power of Veto to save his gal pal, Holly. Head of Household Marvin Latimer nominated Karen O'Niel Ganci -- Lori's best bud -- to take Holly's place. I think Lori will be voted out next. She already won 10 grand, and the men feel threatened by her because she has strong alliances with the women in the house. Either way, it stinks Lori or Karen will be voted out, because that just gives more power to "The Four Horsemen" -- Michael, Jase, Scott Long and Drew Daniel -- the evil men trying to rule the house.

New episodes air today, Saturday and Tuesday.

Andy Dick continues his brash, over-the-top behavior on "The Assistant." He and his friend, John, a very angry, drill sergeant-like midget, give "The Assistant" candidates tasks to complete - win a race, teach Andy's cat a trick, detail Andy's Hummer, to name a few. Jeffrey and Sarah must cook a meal for Andy, but come up short. As Andy says, "snip, snip, snip" - they get "clipped." This week's episode wasn't nearly as funny as the first. A half-hour of Andy can grate on the nerves, but I'm willing to give it another shot. Next week it's Andy's birthday, and as usual, he's not too happy. The show airs Monday on MTV.

Crybaby of the Week is ousted bachelorette Marilyn on "Who Wants to Marry My Dad?'' She's pretty hysterical when Marty's daughters tell her she's been eliminated. "I can't believe my relationship with Marty is over. I really thought I'd spend the rest of my life with him,'' she says. ``I left my heart in that house and I'm never going to be the same.'' This from the woman who married and divorced in the same weekend!

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