Speak Out 07/21/04

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Money questions

I DO not understand what is going on with the city government of Cape Girardeau. First, the city was in dire straits financially, so a one-quarter cent sales tax was passed. Now we read in the Missourian where the city is planning all these fancy streets and upkeep and a new park. Could someone please explain where this money is coming from?

Insurance requirement

SOUTHEAST MISSOURI is missing a big part of the story. I have yet to see anything mentioned about homeowners insurance and pools. I believe homeowners insurance requires you to have fences on a pool also.

Party associates

A RECENT caller asked, "Does any normal thinking person actually believe that the average voter has anything in common with Michael Moore, Barbra Streisand or Whoopi Goldberg?" Personally, I'm very glad I'm not associated with a party that contains Ken Lay, Dick Cheney, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Ken Starr.

Contact officeholders

POOL OWNERS who think codes go too far should contact their elected officials.

Cameras for police

CAMERAS IN police cars are a much needed tool for the Cape Girardeau Police Department. Officers don't have any cameras except for a few officers who have bought their own. Somebody should start a fund raiser to help upgrade our local police department.

Get under the hood

I'M A middle school teacher. I can hear it coming: excuses for failing MAP again, crying about money, excuses on top of excuses. Excuses for failing to teach our students are inexcusable. We need new leaders and administrators who know how to reach our students, not this nonsense about learning consortia and collaborative colloquia -- the same old gobbledygook. We need good leaders, knowledgeable, experienced ones, who know what is right about teaching and are willing to get under the hood and fix what is wrong.

Wrong face on signs

AS A resident of Jackson most of my life, I was appalled to read that anyone would even consider caving in to pressure to change the school mascot. I'd much rather get rid of that horrible face of Andrew Jackson that graces our city signs. He was directly responsible for the forced removal of the Cherokee Indians and the Trail of Tears.

Refresher course

THANK YOU for printing Jim Wallis' "Recovering a hijacked faith." So many on the religious right seem to not understand the basic principles of their own religion, and I hope Wallis has refreshed some memories about what Christianity should be about.

Changing the name

TO THE caller who suggested Jackson change its name to North Cape: You were only half right. To be totally correct Jackson should become the Jackson Bulldogs or North Notre Dame.

Room to pass

I'VE BEEN pulled over by an officer standing in the highway before, and I had no problem pulling to a stop and avoiding the officer. Of course, I pay attention when I'm driving. I find it hard to believe that people are blaming the officer for being struck by a car when witnesses have said that there was room on both sides of him for the car to pass.

Caveat garage sale

PEOPLE WHO sell broken or repaired items at a garage sale should tell the person buying the item that it has been repaired. I recently bought some sconces at a garage sale, and one of them had been glued. Before I took them out of the bag, one came apart. It's lucky I didn't have it on the wall with a lighted candle in it.

Change town's name

THE PEOPLE who are disgusted that Jackson has the nickname "Indians" while the town is named for the president who forced their Trail of Tears march are going about it backwards. It's not the nickname that needs to be changed. It's the name of the town.

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