Letter to the Editor

Deal with owners of problem pets

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

To the editor:

Thank you for keeping the public updated on the latest activities of our city council. My family lives in the very part of town which is troubled by irresponsible pet owners who allow their dogs, even aggressive ones, to run unleashed. One of my dogs was recently charged by an unrestrained pit bull as we passed its home. Too often dogs are intentionally mistreated in order to make them "better guard dogs" or simply chained to trees and not given enough attention and care. These dogs become aggressive and dangerous, and when they do find themselves free of their chains or fences, they take out their frustration in the only way available to dogs.

That has nothing to do with loving, caring pet owners who are willing to share their lives and their homes with unwanted and abandoned animals. Why should the city council attack citizens who conscientiously care for their pets? Limiting the number of pets people can own does not address the problem. A person might own only a single dog and allow that animal to be a nuisance or danger to his neighbors.

Get a clue, city council. You are fixing something that is not broken but not addressing the real problem of irresponsible pet owners.