Speak Out 07/20/04

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Beautiful parks

THANKS TO the Jackson Park Board, park employees and volunteers who maintain 200 acres for the residents of Jackson and the many visitors to enjoy. Come and see our parks. They are beautiful.

Heartbreaking rationale

CONCERNING THE Bush denials charging him with lying about weapons of mass destruction, I believe him. Still, that David Limbaugh has become an apologist for the president's "It's not my fault" rationale is heartbreaking.

Be a parent

TO THE woman who commented about how she found cigarettes in her daughter's purse and blamed it on convenience-store workers: Why don't you try to do your job a little bit better? It's called parenting.

We're all responsible

MY COMMENT is aimed toward the individual who was upset over discovering cigarettes in her daughter's purse and suggested the solution was requiring area convenience stores to card teenagers for cigarette purchases. It is not society's responsibility to raise her child. Perhaps this mother needs to do her job a little better. I see this attitude as the greatest fundamental challenge facing our progressively diseased society today, profoundly overshadowing gay rights and marriage, liberalism versus conservatism, our increasingly Christian fundamentalist theocratic government and our imperialistic pre-emptive worldview. We all are ultimately responsible and accountable for our actions, deeds, words, choices and all ramifications emanating from them.

Early pool closing

I'M CALLING about the closing of the Capaha Park swimming pool and Central Junior High School swimming pool at 5 p.m. I do not feel that's a good idea. Taxpayers have helped pay for these pools, and taxpayers who work don't get off in time to go to the pool to swim.

Always a threat

CHINA IS making great strides. One day the United States will have to defend our country from communist attack in China's attempt to take over the world. Communist Russia failed due to President Reagan's great build-up of U.S. defense. U.S. strength will have to be kept strong for any future threats from China. Communism is always a threat to a free world.

East Cape casino

I READ how business has improved across the river in Illinois since the bridge was opened. I wish those Illinois people would wake up and get a casino just across the river and let Missouri have its bingo and regret there is no casino in Cape Girardeau. Wise up, Illinois.

Defending marriage

OUR SENATORS, Kit Bond and Jim Talent, are to be commended for casting affirmative votes for the Federal Marriage Amendment. We are fortunate to live in Missouri where our senators choose to defend marriage. Marriage is no longer a sacred institution in America.

See planes close up

I BELIEVE air shows are meant to entertain us. It's a great opportunity for children to see airplanes close up. I know my children have rarely ever flown in a plane, and it's a great opportunity that Cape Girardeau has this air show.

Old-fashioned games

WHAT I would like to see for Fourth of July activities at Jackson City Park is old-fashioned activities such as a watermelon seed spitting contest, a balloon toss and other old-fashioned games that are fun. I think old-fashioned games would be a lot of fun for parents and children alike.

Moving problems

I AM an elementary teacher in Cape Girardeau and can tell you firsthand the problems for children that move from school to school. These moves really set children back. Kids have a big adjustment to learn what is expected at the new school. Parents need to do all they possibly can to stay at the same apartment during the year. They may not realize that if a child moves four times in their elementary years, they are at high risk to be a dropout when they are 16 years old. Sadly we have many children who move two times in the same school year.

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