Letter to the Editor

Judge sensitive to family issues

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

To the editor:

I am writing in regard to the recent controversy surrounding Judge Peter Statler. In my own experience, he has been a fair and honest man. He shows concern for not only the needs and feelings of children, but for adults as well. He takes great caution when making decisions and looks carefully at the facts presented. He also utilizes the opinions of advisers such as CASA as well as the guardian ad litem involved in these cases.

It has been unfortunate that, as a victim/survivor of domestic violence, I have frequented his court many times throughout the past five years. These visits to his court, however, have provided me with great insight into how fair and unbiased he is. He has been quite tolerant of me and my continual request and withdrawal of orders of protection. It is my belief that he has a great understanding of and a respect for children, and I believe he is knowledgeable of the cycle of domestic violence.

I have found no fault with the family court system and especially find no fault with Judge Statler. My honest assessment is that he is one of the fairest, most unprejudiced judges that I have had experience with and whom I feel has been branded by unjust criticism. My hat goes off to him.

ANGELA ALCORN, Cape Girardeau