Speak Out 07/17

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Hate on both sides

GARY RUST seemed stunned at what he believes to be a large number of Bush haters on the Democrat side. I get the distinct impression he thinks that to be an almost unique phenomenon. That worries me. Is Rust's memory slipping, or is it merely selective? I suspect the latter. How could he possibly forget the visceral and ongoing hatred emanating from the GOP for the Clintons?

More in the gutter

SINCE THE beginning of time, some have looked to stars for their inspiration, and others have looked to the gutter. The only change that has taken place is that more and more are looking to the gutter.

They can't relate

I WONDER what a billionaire and three millionaires can do for the working person. These people running for president and vice president have no idea of what it's like to work for a living and make minimum wage. I would like for them to tell me what they can do for me.

Better planning

I'M A dental nurse. Most medical people have children and take their vacations during the summer months. Please don't expect us to be on the job when you want. We have lives also. Why not make appointments for regular check-ups? Perhaps then there would not be a toothache that needs emergency attention.

Beyond all dreams

WHO WOULD have ever dreamed in his wildest nightmare that America would ever have to vote on whether a marriage is between a man and a woman?

Proposed name change

I HAVE to say I'm not with those politically correct people who suggest Jackson should consider changing the name of its mascot. However I would like to suggest that Jackson consider changing its name to North Cape.

Special circumstances

I READ where the prosecutor's having to decide whether he's going to file charges against the woman who was driving the car that hit the highway patrolman. I can't imagine even thinking about filing charges against her. She didn't intentionally do this. He made a mistake. She won't ever forget this. Motorists aren't used to highway patrolmen walking out in front of you and trying to stop you.

A waste of time

I KEEP reading comments about Southeast Missouri State University changing its mascot, and now they're after Jackson High School to change its mascot. If this is all they have to worry about, their lives are so shallow.

Mug is safe

I JUST wanted to say thank you for the individual that got my attention that I had left one of my favorite coffee mugs on the trunk of the car at Jackson post office.

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