Letter to the Editor

Don't take away civics teacher's job

Saturday, July 17, 2004

To the editor:

I think I've written on this subject before, but I feel I need to stay on top of the issue.

I teach civics in high school. I want to continue, but I may not be able to because of the content of Clint E. Lacy's guest column.

I focus most of my efforts on the national government. Lacy made a case that any and all states have a constitutional right to leave the union and that the Founding Fathers "would be OK with that." I don't believe that. Besides, I think the U.S. Civil War settled the question. Still, who am I to say? In addition, Lacy can be very convincing with words. I'm afraid he'll motivate a lot of people in the Heartland and beyond to start movements that could lead all the states to leave the union.

If that happened, then we'd have no national government, and I'd pretty much be out of a job.

It is in that spirit that I publicly plead with Lacy to take back his opinion on this pressing matter and say that he was kidding or something like that.

I realize my motives are selfish, but I must keep on working.

STEVE MOSLEY, Cape Girardeau