Speak Out 07/13/04

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Red House docents

I DON'T think enough mention was made of the participation of the Red House docents in Libertyfest. Those volunteers do a great job and are largely unsung. I think they added a wonderful historical touch to Libertyfest. Thanks.

Young burglars

THERE WERE some burglaries on Sprigg Street that turned out to involve a 13-year-old and an 11-year-old. How can this be? Where are the parents? What were these kids thinking? What can be done to children this age?

Spruce up the park

JACKSON NEEDS to clean up its city park. Not so long ago the rock garden was a wonderful place for pictures and weddings. Now it is all covered with ivy and weeds. Someone needs to give it a facelift and restore the original beauty. It should be a showplace for Jackson and the area.

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