Post office location

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

When the Cape Girardeau Post Office moved to temporary facilities on Christine Street last March, everyone -- postal officials and postal patrons -- hoped the move would be just that: temporary.

But, as postmaster Mike Keefe has noted, the decision-making machinery of the government moves slowly. As a result, no decision has been made on a solution to where the post office will end up.

The longtime post office facility on Frederick Street was abandoned after structural roof problems developed. The current location on Christine Street has always been regarded as a temporary solution. Both facilities are leased.

Throughout the time the post office has been on Christine Street, postal workers and patrons have made every effort to grin and bear it. But there are shortcomings with that location, particularly getting into and out of the parking lot.

Yet to be determined is whether the Frederick Street building should be repaired or the post office should move permanently to another location.

The advantage of moving back to Frederick Street would be that the building is already set up for postal service operations. But many patrons would see advantages to a more central location, particularly one that has ample parking and is easy to get in and out of.

Let's hope a decision comes soon.

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