FanSpeak July11

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Coverage is a drag

The NHRA is all but ignored by the Southeast Missourian. It would be much appreciated to be able to see results of Friday's and Saturday's qualifing runs, Sunday's winners, and point standings. The NHRA is a growing motorsport and drawing record crowds in recent years. If you have never attended one of these events, it would be worth your time to go experience the sight, sound, smell and even the feel of a pair of 8,000-horsepower top fuel dragsters turning upwards of 325 mph in 4 1/2 seconds. These vehicles are built by engineers and physicists and demand peak physical and mental conditioning of their drivers. Together, they are performing seemingly impossible feats that are truly awesome.

A true fan no matter what

It's very revealing that so many Southeast sports fans are willing to turn their backs on the school over a mascot issue. I don't attend events to see a mascot, so I'll continue to support the school no matter what the name is. To me, that defines a true fan.

Required reading

The feature story "Budget balancing act" in the July 4 edition should be required reading for any aspiring head coach or athlete director and any fan expecting Southeast to go undefeated each year. Kudos to Marty Mishow and Toby Carrig for the best in-depth look at college sports finances I've read yet.

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