Speak Out 07/11/04

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Terrific fireworks

WE JUST got through watching a terrific fireworks display down on the riverfront. We want to thank everybody who purchased these fireworks and the people who set them off. It was just great and made Cape Girardeau proud. So thank you, everybody.

Fabulous display

TO THE downtown merchants, the city and anyone who made a donation to the Libertyfest fireworks: It was a fabulous display and was enjoyed by many. Thank you very much.

Quite a hike

JACKSON URGED everyone to come and see the fireworks, but the city blocked off the parking so you have to park a long way from anything. The concert by the municipal band was wonderful, but there were only half as many people. I think it's ridiculous the way the city blocked off the parking. There's no reason why we couldn't park in the park.

More dentists needed

THIS AREA needs more dentists. It takes too long to get an appointment. If you are in pain, you are expected to grit your teeth and bear it. I cannot believe that while school is out, some dentists have shortened their work days. I guess they want the kids to skip classes during the school day.

Similar situation

A FEW years ago, coming back from Arkansas to Missouri, we encountered a situation similar to that of the woman who hit the trooper. Traveling the speed limit, we crested a small hill, and a trooper was in the middle of the road waving his arms wildly. There were several highway patrol cars pulled off the road. They were stopping selected cars. Needless to say we were scared seeing the trooper. We almost didn't know what to do. We could have hit him. When we got closer, he waved us on. It scared us to death. We hope the trooper gets better, but we feel very sorry for the woman. We do understand.

Wonderful time

I WANT to congratulate Cape Girardeau on an absolutely breathtaking fireworks exhibit and the wonderful family evening on the Fourth of July downtown. Excellent job. We are just so lucky to have the type of display and family time. It's just fabulous.

Another rate increase

WE VOTED the new sales tax for police and fire protection. Now I read in the paper where the city wants to raise the rate for water. The city needs to learn how to manage money, not just raise taxes. It's getting pretty old, especially for people on fixed incomes.

No free anything

EVERY ELECTION year it's the same old thing: Democrats calling for free health care hoping that the average voter is uninformed enough to actually think it is free. Since Canada adopted socialized medicine, the average tax rate has climbed almost 50 percent. Does that sound like free health care?

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