Speak Out 07/10/04

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Front-page news

ON THE Opinion page, you say that Tony Blair is in trouble because he said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. But on Page 5 you print that Polish soldiers found chemical weapons of mass destruction that the terrorists were looking for. It is time to publish on the front page of every newspaper that WMDs have been found in Iraq. Polish soldiers have found chemical weapons. British soldiers have found chemical weapons. Americans have found chemical weapons and missiles and nuclear centrifuges in Iraq and scrap metal from Iraq weapons in junkyards in Jordan. This is front-page news. It is time for your paper to be brave and tell the whole truth.

Signboard hazards

YOU CAN always tell when elections are approaching by the rapid up-springing of signs and billboards. However this year things have gone overboard. I love driving through scenic residential Cape Girardeau, but all the huge billboards in people's yards are making our town disgusting. In addition, large signs reduce visibility at intersections and create driving hazards. If you want my vote, take down the huge signs.

Stop the boomers

MY PARENTS live on South Henderson Street in Cape Girardeau. People are always booming their systems. Whenever you call the cops, nothing is ever done. If our cops want to be paid more money, why aren't they doing their job?

Thanks for column

THANK YOU for publishing Thomas Eagleton's column. The paper shows it can relate to Democrats, but not very often.

Thanks for flags

I WENT by Cape County Park on the Fourth of July, and the American flags are just beautiful. It really makes me feel good to see that we have people that are interested enough in our great nation that they would take the time to put all of these flags out here. I want to thank whoever is responsible for making that decision and for the hard work to put them out there.

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