Letter to the Editor

Wrong audience for Cosby's barbs

Wednesday, July 7, 2004

To the editor:

The first time I heard about Bill Cosby's comments regarding African American children's lack of educational skills and their parents unwillingness to discipline and teach them was from my co-workers at our cereal plant in Perryville., Mo. I was shocked at first until I found out who his audiences were.

First of all, I respect Cosby, the actor, comedian and all-around charitable donor for education. But let's put this in perspective. If his audience had been the president and Congress, his comments would have been taken more seriously, since that's the audience with the power to put things the way God intended. Sparing the rod indeed is spoiling the child.

American Americans have enough voting power to make sweeping changes in our country. But because our civil rights leaders took what they could get instead of fighting the old Republican-Democrat game, they have created confusion and apathy towards any thoughts of electing a qualified candidate in any race.

We haven't had a strong African American leader since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Cosby's comments are true. A lot of those responsible include our athletes, rap stars, actors, actresses and comedians. I have no problems with Cosby's message, only with his audiences.


Cape Girardeau