Business briefs 7/1/04

Thursday, July 1, 2004

Court approves Microsoft antitrust settlement

WASHINGTON -- A U.S. appeals court on Wednesday approved the landmark antitrust settlement Microsoft Corp. negotiated with the Justice Department, setting aside objections by Massachusetts that its sanctions were inadequate against the world's largest software company. In a significant victory for Microsoft and the Justice Department, the appeals court ruled that the settlement was, in fact, in the public's interest.

Bush readies measures to weaken Castro

WASHINGTON -- For more than 40 years, the debate has persisted: Do tough sanctions against Cuba weaken Fidel Castro's government or entrench it? President Bush's actions make clear where he stands. He believes loopholes in the embargo are serving as a lifeline for Castro. New regulations toke effect today to sharply reduce Cuba-bound dollar flows from the United States. The measures could deprive the island of up to $150 million a year.

-- From wire reports

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