Quick carb conundrum

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

America has once again found a new diet craze.

The whole no-carb thing started out innocently enough. But then it grew into this monstrous sell-out that is becoming a part of our fast-food industries, soft drinks, beer and God knows what else.

I love seeing the advertisements for the new low-carb Coke and the no-carb burgers from Burger King and Sonic. I mean, I'm no John Basedow (celebrity fitness trainer), but if you're wanting to shed the pounds, my advice to you is to actually eat good, healthy food and to exercise. Don't try to make yourself feel better by saying, "I got the new low-carb cheeseburger along with low-fat chocolate chunk ice cream!"

At lowcarbdiets.com, it shows us the many new and exciting recipes that the health-weary population may choose from. Hmmm, let me see here ... we've got low-carb cheesecake, low-carb crackers and, like I said before, low-carb beer.

Nobody I know cares about the amount of carbohydrates they're consuming while at a party. And if they did, they'd be removed from the premises immediately.

My final word is this: eat and live how you want; just don't come a-cryin' when that low-carb cheesecake causes the button on your jeans to put an eye out.

Sam DeReign is a graduate of Oran High School. He can be contacted at sdereign@semissourian.com.

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