Letter to the Editor

Signage offends Christian morality

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

To the editor:

As I drive along Highway 146 going to and from Cape Girardeau, I am appalled at what I have to see as I drive by the old Purple Crackle in East Cape Girardeau, Ill.

How could the mayor and commissioners let a place of business like the Pink Pony come into a nice, quiet, family-oriented town?

The Pink Pony has placed a van in front of the building with pictures of seductive women plastered all over it. A big sign advertises exactly what is going on there.

What has happened to our morals in America? Where are our Christian voices? Are we Christians going to continue to be quiet and let this filth overrun our lives?

Our families have to look at this every day. What is it saying to the kids in East Cape Girardeau? What would you do if it were your daughter or son in there?

I am but one voice, but when other voices come together and pray, God moves mountains. Christians, we have got to take a stand on what is right. What will you do?

LESLIE M. HUGHS, Thebes, Ill.