Running mates

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Washington (Mo.) Missourian

About the only "suspense" in this year's presidential race is the question of whom Democrat Sen. John Kerry will select as his running mate. From news reports, it appears he wanted Sen. John McCain, Republican from Arizona, who reportedly has said "no" and who renewed his loyalty to the GOP.

So that leaves a short list of Rep. Dick Gephardt of Missouri, Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina, retired Army Gen. Wesley Clark of Arkansas and Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack. The latter may end up being Kerry's choice. ...

A presidential candidate always tries to select a running mate who adds balance to the ticket, especially since there are so many independent voters today. That will go against Dick Gephardt, who is about as liberal as Kerry. ... Sen. Edwards would give the ticket a degree of balance since he's from the South. Vilsack would add balance but he has no name recognition nationally. ...

More thought should go into the process of selecting a vice presidential candidate than giving strength to the ticket, but politics being what it is, it'll never change.

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