Speak Out 06/27/04

Monday, June 28, 2004

Enforce turn signals

CAPE GIRARDEAU says it needs more money. If the police would write tickets for failure to use a turn signal, it could make up some revenue. Then maybe people would realize the small rod sticking out of the steering column not only turns on the windshield wipers, but also moves up and down. I don't understand why it's so hard to do something so easy to help keep everyone on the roads a little safer.

Where's the money?

I HAVE investigated the Cape Girardeau skateboard park. The Southeast Missourian reported that this facility cost $15,000. There is about $500 worth of steel and at the most $2,000 worth of labor. That leaves $12,500. Where'd the rest of the money go?

Ulterior motive

THE PERSON who said we owe the French for helping us out may want to check a history book a little closer. The French waited to assist us after we had all but defeated the British. All they were trying to do is get in good favor for trade agreements. And World War II is not the only war we bailed them out of.

No connection

IT IS really amusing to read your right-wing commentators distorting and spinning as they try to rewrite events. As the Sept. 11 Commission has clearly stated it, there is no evidence of any collaboration between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida or the Sept. 11 attack. The Iraq war was unjustified and remains illegitimate. It doesn't matter how these commentators try to spin it, no collaboration means no collaboration. It would be just as accurate to claim that George Bush has connections with the bin Laden family going back decades (they funded his failed oil adventure in Texas) as it is to claim the Hussein-al-Qaida connection your commentators are trying to conjure up.

Preach the Gospel

I RECENTLY attended the Sunday morning service at a local church. After the opening songs, the pastor preceded to the pulpit to inflict his political views on the congregation. He was hired by the church to teach the ways of Jesus, not preach about his political beliefs. I go to church to hear the word of God, not to learn what the preacher thinks is corrupt in the government. I am a longtime member of the church and was so upset after leaving the service that I will never attend that church again. I will find another church that preaches what churches are supposed to preach about.

Looking for action

I'VE REPORTED different things involving drugs and harassment to the Cape Girardeau Police Department, and nothing has been done. The police tell you, "You sign a complaint, we'll pick up that person." They never get picked up. We don't have protection when it concerns drugs and teenage phone harassment.

See all the evidence

I BELIEVE a jury should see all the evidence that is available. We have the rape shield law which leaves a lot of evidence out that can clear a man or anybody being falsely accused of a sex crime. I am witnessing a case that involves an alleged sex crime where the only way the prosecutor can win the case is to hide the evidence that clears the man. The prosecutor has the authority to do so by the judge's orders. Now the jury will never see this evidence. This is wrong.

Beheadings: war crimes

WHEN ARE the Geneva Convention courts going to hear a case against the barbarian Iraqis for beheading prisoners of war? If gypsies can sue for the Holocaust, there needs to be a lawsuit against these terrorist Iraqis.

Doctors are busy

I THINK it's time that the public realized that the doctors who take time out to assure that they're operating on the correct portion of the body are on call 24 hours a day. Their phone can ring all the time. They have a busy life. Do the people drive drunk or ride their motorcycles without helmets take their actions into accounts? Doctors are the most responsible people in this community, and their lives are very difficult.

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