Everybody's a critic - 'Dodgeball'

Friday, June 25, 2004

Three stars (out of four)

I have to admit, "Dodgeball" is a really good comedy. It is corporate America versus the little guy, or the bully jocks take on the underdog misfits and lose.

When a rundown gym (Average Joe's) is on the verge of foreclosure and the big national chain gym across the street wants to buy it, there is only one thing left to do, win the world championship Dodgeball tournament for $50,000.

There is plenty of goofy comedy and a lot of cameos to make for a very entertaining movie. Ben Stiller is very funny as the idiot macho jock who is lost in the 1980s. Vince Vaughn is great as always, this time being the eternally optimistic leader, and Stephen Root ("News Radio," "Office Space") continues to be a great character actor and shows why he's one of the funniest men in Hollywood.

- David Pruitt, engineer

One-half star (out of four)

I wish I could have dodged this movie. The plot is sketchy and the humor is, for the most part, juvenile.

Ben Stiller plays his character way over the top, to the point that it is more of an annoying caricature. Vince Vaughn plays his character, Joe, to the opposite extreme, very understated.

Rip Torn pulls off the best acting as the delightfully seedy coach of Joe's dodgeball team of somewhat-likable losers.

Some of the humor was actually decent physical comedy.

I don't think you'd want your children to see this movie -- not because of violence, nudity or profanity, but because it would insult their intelligence.

I know there are good movies being made. This is not one of them.

- Jim Lloyd, building supervisor

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