Speak Out 06/25/04

Friday, June 25, 2004

A great neighbor

THANK GOD I live in Jackson. When a tree recently fell in my backyard, I put out a call to my good neighbor. He was up that afternoon on his tractor with his chain saw. He had that tree cut up and cleared out within half an hour. I'd like to say thanks again, Rick. You're one great neighbor.

Protecting companies

I APPLAUD the Southeast Missourian for its series on autism and mercury and keeping this subject before the readers. It seems our government policies are more for the protection of the pharmaceutical industry's profits and less for the protection of its citizens.

Read Bible, not Lenny

TO THAT person who said the way to get to God is get out of church: It can't be done. Christ died to establish his church, and you can't get to God without going through Christ's church. Sorry, folks. If you don't study your Bible, you'll never know. You quoted Lenny Bruce, and Lenny Bruce evidently didn't read his Bible.

Fighting hunger

SOMEWHERE IN the world, a baby did not survive, a child gave her struggle and a man took his last breath because of starvation. Yet in our society, we are dying due to obesity. Gluttony is killing us. Starvation is killing them. It's an ironic situation, but we have the power to fix both problems. If those of you who are overweight and are ready to eat another serving, another dessert or another doughnut would have self-control and give money to a hunger-relief organization instead of eating, you'd be healthier and so would they.

Get rid of parasites

IF CAPE Girardeau would get value received for every dollar spent and get rid of all the human parasites on the payroll, Cape would have a surplus.

Politics at church

AT THE church we attend, the minister and the Sunday school teachers are starting to talk about politics. We go to church to worship God. We hear enough of politics on TV. If politics continues to be the topic at church, we will find a church that leaves politics out of religion.

Beauty in our lives

SUPPORT ARTISTS and musicians. They bring beauty and quality to life. Even cave men appreciated art.

A proud patriot

I AM a patriot of the greatest generation, and I have absolutely no reservation about referring to myself in this way. I stand in awe and salute the U.S. flag whenever I see it. Unlike many of my peers, I recite the Pledge of Allegiance with conviction and respect. This is still the greatest nation on earth and a place where freedom and diversity co-exist. Too often we fail to honor the very nation that ensures these freedoms. I believe Americans are slowly losing the patriotic morals of our past generations. Unfortunately, today's youths seems to lack the patriotic spirit of my generation. This country is the great nation that it is today largely because previous generations have understood their responsibility to defend it and the freedoms it stands for. Parents, teach your kids the importance of patriotism, freedom, honor and liberty. And don't let them disappear now.

Limited air conditioning

FROM ABOUT May on, I've had appointments with different people in the Cape Girardeau School District central office over a difficulty I'm having with someone in the district. I can guarantee that the central office does not have its air conditioners set where they run all the time. It's very hot and stuffy in that building. The employees are working in a very tough situation. They are treating themselves the same way they're treating the kids.

Impartial and fair

I CAN'T believe Judge Peter Statler lost his temper. He can't order people to put their signs down or threaten them with jail just because they're thinking is different than his. Judges are supposed to be impartial and fair. We already have too many hotheads in this world.

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