Bonds blasts accuser

Friday, June 25, 2004

SAN FRANCISCO -- Barry Bonds avoided specifics Thursday when asked about the latest doping allegations against him, instead unleashing a flurry of expletives toward sprinter Tim Montgomery.

Montgomery reportedly testified to a grand jury that the man at the center of a Bay Area steroid scandal told him he supplied the San Francisco Giants' slugger with performance-enhancing drugs.

Montgomery also testified last year that he used human growth hormone and an undetectable steroid, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

"I ain't never met Tim Montgomery. I don't know Tim Montgomery. I've never seen the dude in my life," Bonds said before the Giants' game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. "I don't even know what the guy does."

According to a report Thursday in the San Francisco Chronicle, Montgomery testified last year that BALCO founder Victor Conte told him Bonds switched to an undetectable steroid in 2003 when baseball introduced its policy.

Asked if he feels betrayed by someone he doesn't know, Bonds said: "Betrayed by someone I've never met before? I didn't get betrayed. ... I don't even know who he is. So how he's making accusations of me I don't even know."

The newspaper's report included direct quotes from Montgomery's testimony to the federal grand jury that investigated the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative. The Chronicle did not say how it obtained the information.

Bonds, a six-time NL MVP who turns 40 next month, has repeatedly denied steroid use.

"It bothers me when people I don't even know are saying stuff about me," said Bonds, who hasn't homered in nine games. "Next time, if I know for sure so-and-so, they're going to talk to my lawyer from now on, I guarantee that. If any of them statements are true, they're going to talk to my attorney, I guarantee that -- in a lawsuit. ... See you in court, brother."

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