Letter to the Editor

Quarry concern is widespread

To the editor:

I moved from County Road 319 last year, but I go there daily for farming purposes. Regarding the proposed quarry on County Road 319, the article published in Tuesday's paper was good. However, it only mentioned Noretta Blattner, David Blattner and Jane Perry by name. There were other neighbors present who were interviewed and gave good arguments against the quarry.

From reading the article, I get an impression that it's just the Blattner family against J.W. Strack. This is not so. There are many, many other families in a five-mile radius who are just as outspoken and upset as we are. Their voices and names need to be heard as well.

I attended both neighborhood meetings. The first was attended by around 60 people, only four with the last name of Blattner. The second was attended by around 200 people, only three with the last name of Blattner.

A meeting scheduled for Monday is expected to have a much larger attendance and will be held in the Notre Dame Regional High School gymnasium. This is a big deal that needs to have news coverage. Other neighbors need to be interviewed and their stories told. My mother, Noretta, has done an awful lot to get the ball rolling. However, there are many neighbors who have taken just as much responsibility and who are working just as hard. They too need recognition. Thank you for your help.