Political destination

Cape Girardeau got a fair share of national attention this week with the campaign visit of Barak Obama. Bill Clinton, rival Hillary Clinton's husband, kicked off his re-election campaign in 1996 in Cape Girardeau.

Cape Girardeau has been visited by a number of politicians of national prominence. Some, like Harry S. Truman, came to Southeast Missouri as U.S. senator to relax among friends.

Since 1909, Cape Girardeau has been a destination for politicians ranging from President William Howard Taft to George W. Bush, who stopped by one night in 1999 to visit Millie Limbaugh, mother of radio celebrity Rush Limbaugh and syndicated columnist and author David Limbaugh.

Others have been Franklin Roosevelt (1920), Richard Nixon (1952), Robert Kennedy (1968), Vice President Walter Mondale (1980), Vice President George H.W. Bush (1984), President Ronald Reagan (1988), Vice President Dan Quayle (1992 and 1996), Dick Cheney (1999 and 2000) and John Edwards (2004).

Notice any common thread? Most of them won. That's a pretty fair record for our river city.