Speak Out 5/12/08

Monday, May 12, 2008

Web promotion

THE WEB site for Cape Girardeau County is financed by taxpayers' money. How in the world can two county commissioners justify allowing Prosecuting Attorney Morley Swingle to promote his books on this Web site? That is wrong. I can't imagine Mr. Swingle wanting to do that or the county commission allowing him to do that. Jay Purcell, 2nd District commissioner, is right on the money.

Secret recording

ALL I can say about one county commissioner secretly recording another county commissioner is this: What a weasel. It's a shame two men can't ride in a car and discuss business without having someone record the conversation. This shows Jay Purcell, Cape Girardeau County's 2nd District commissioner, is too immature for public office.

Out of view

IT SEEMS like Gerald Jones, Cape Girardeau County presiding commissioner, doesn't like to be questioned and likes to assert his power and work in private. It seems like Jay Purcell, 2nd District commissioner, is trying to bring the workings of the county commission out into the open. It just doesn't look right when somebody is afraid to let his actions be looked at by the public that hired him.

Balloons and birds

SINCE WE'RE focusing our attention on the environment, there is another deadly practice that needs to be stopped. That is releasing balloons into the atmosphere. Half of the species of birds that inhabited Missouri have disappeared. Birds see the bright balloons, swallow them and are strangled. Civic groups, churches and other groups need to stop this deadly practice.

Source of comfort

THIS IS pertaining to the comment about cutting back by getting rid of your cats, dogs and horses. I have high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. My pets are the only source of comfort.

Homeless shelter

I AGREE a homeless shelter is needed in Cape Girardeau. People have no idea the kind of people who roam the streets at night. My son was in a homeless shelter for a year and a half. He is bipolar and got down and out. The shelter was there for him. It wasn't luxurious, but it was there.

Do something

I'D LIKE to comment on the Cape Girardeau County commissioners and Morley Swingle, prosecuting attorney. I don't think Swingle should be allowed to advertise his book on the county's Web page. I think Jay Purcell, 2nd District commissioner, has a problem with the other two commissioners, and we need to be looking into the other two. I think there's some shady dealings there. Something needs to be done. Mr. Purcell is trying to straighten stuff up that obviously needs to be straightened up.

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