Out of the past 5/12/08

Monday, May 12, 2008

25 years ago: May 12, 1983

A rash of dog thefts has occurred in the Cape Girardeau area recently, prompting some concern by animal owners; the dogs have been almost exclusively purebred, registered animals, which as puppies can be worth $50 to $500 and up.

With floodwaters receding in many areas and flood victims beginning to return to their homes, the County Court lifts the curfew it had imposed just over a week ago; County Court Presiding Judge Gene Huckstep says no looting was reported in the flood-stricken areas since the curfew was imposed.

50 years ago: May 12, 1958

CAIRO, Ill. -- A city proposal that the government fill in a low area between the Mississippi River and the town proper is submitted to the Mississippi River Commission when it holds a hearing here at the start of its high-water inspection trip down the Mississippi.

John Drum, 42, is injured while at work on the Central Packing Co. farm near Three-Mile Creek; Drum is rounding up cattle on horseback when the animal rears and falls backward, landing on Drum; X-rays show no broken bones.

75 years ago: May 12, 1933

BENTON, Mo. -- Scott County Treasurer C.E. Felker has just paid off $3,000 in bonds, dated May 1, 1913, which finishes paying for the Scott County courthouse here.

A delegation of residents of the Red Star suburb is planning to appear before the Cape Girardeau City Council soon to press for the improvement of North Main Street from the shoe factory to the suburb's northern terminus; the Rev. W.E. Hicks, pastor of Red Star Baptist Church, says the council will be asked to apply blacktop or similar surfacing to the street, and thus eliminate the mud and dust.

100 years ago: May 12, 1908

The Cape City's is the newest baseball club that is determined to bring more fame to Cape Girardeau; they played the Haarig team Sunday, but fell 8-5; Polk Slaughter is captain of the team.

A terrible wind storm sweeps over Cape Girardeau all afternoon and does much damage to trees and telephone and electric wires; the river is so rough that the ferry can't venture out.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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