Centennial Celebration Raises Funds for Cape Area Family Resource Center

Friday, May 2, 2008
100 YEARS! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Built in 1908 by the "A. Schrader & Son Brick Contracting Co." The Rose Bed Inn celebrates the Centennial of the house and its German heritage.

It seems like just yesterday we were all driving by the big brown brick house located at 611 South Sprigg Street and feeling a mixture of sadness and fear all at the same time. The weeds and vines seemed to be trying to swallow the house as fast as it was falling apart from neglect and vandalism. In May of 1999 a tornado hopped its way across Cape Girardeau and the ancient pecan tree in the back yard lost it's arguement with the tornado, and landed on the house. With over 6,000 lbs. of pecan tree both laying on top of and poking through the roof of the house the city inspectors condemed the structure and it was soon thereafter was placed on the cities list of structures to be demolished. Then Eldon G. Nattier and James F. Coley entered and intervened. The house had good bones and a warm inviting spirit that just needed to be loved again. Eldon and James said "NO!" to the city tearing it down and proceeded to restore and renovate it into it's present glory as the Rose Bed Inn.This once scary building was originally built in 1908 by William Schrader for his family and to show potential clients what he and his brick contracting business could do for them. The home went through many different owners over the years, many of which have revisited since the Rose Bed Inn opened for business in 2001. As each previous inhabitant walks through the rooms their personal memories play again, some happy and some sad. They are all, however, grateful to see the loving attention to detail maintained by Eldon and James.

After a string of awards for preserving the structure and giving it a new life Eldon and James were invited to the Missouri State capitol in Jefferson City in February of 2003. The Govenor's wife was present when Eldon G. Nattier and James F. Coley were presented the state's highest award, the "Preserve Missouri Award for Excellence in Residential and Commercial Restoration".

"We aren't anything special", said Eldon, "we're simply proud costodians of a wonderful piece of Cape Girardeau history".

This Sunday, May 4th, from 4 pm to 8 pm, stop by and celebrate with them in the gardens. In honor of the German heritage of the Schrader Family, Chef James is cooking up some german delights to go with the tasty German wine and hearty German beers. A portion of the proceeds from the event go to the Cape Area Family Resource Center. See you there!

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