Speak Out 5/2/08

Friday, May 2, 2008

Inflammatory remarks

PEOPLE CAN believe what they want about the candidates and the people who support them, like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. But the bottom line is if any of the other candidates' pastors had been filmed making the inflammatory remarks that Wright did, that would be broadcast all over the news and used against them by their opponents.

City finances

IF THE city manager and city finance director are so worried about city expenses, let them take a pay cut. Why should the citizens of Cape Girardeau worry about rising health-insurance premiums for city employees? Most of us can't afford insurance for ourselves. Common sense would look at waste in the city and cut it out. The city continues to raise taxes, and when the economy is bad the city wants to increase our water bills. If we can't afford food and gasoline, we certainly don't care about providing for gasoline for frivolous trips in fire trucks.

Smoking prices

THE COST of a pack of cigarettes comes close to the price of a gallon of gasoline. Don't complain about the price of gas while you puff on a cigarette. Need I say more?

Thanks for help

I WANT to thank the girls who helped my husband at Steak & Shake. We need more people like that in this world. Thank you, girls, so much.

Cupboard is bare

REGARDING FOOD pantries: My pantry is empty. It's getting ridiculous that we pay and pay, and my paycheck doesn't make ends meet. I don't think there's any way I can give to a food pantry.

Running danger

I'M A resident of Cape Girardeau. I want to share my opinion about the runners and bikers Sunday. I encountered them on Broadway, on Clark Avenue and on Cape Rock Drive, some of the busiest streets in town. The people directing traffic were obviously confused. The runners were a danger and an inconvenience to those in cars. I don't understand why that race event can't be held somewhere else.

Anniversary angel

THIS IS a heartfelt thank you. Our 62nd wedding anniversary dinner was blessed by a wonderful angel whose kindness will always be remembered. God bless you.

Lutheran concert

SUNDAY'S CONCERT at historic Hanover Lutheran Church was performed by the Perry County Lutheran Chorale. The setting was moving, and the numbers performed were truly great. The chorale is a talented group directed by Tyson Wunderlich. The voices blended beautifully. Overall, it was an inspirational concert. I can't wait to hear them again. If you have never heard them perform, you are missing out on some great local talent.

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