Letter to the Editor

Alto Pass cross is powerful symbol

Friday, May 2, 2008

To the editor:

If we see a symbol that helps us to get through the day, month or year, we usually grab onto it.

My concern is the cross at Alto Pass in Illinois. Just this last weekend there was thousands of motorcycles there. How many of those people have skills they could donate to help in the restoration of the cross? How many ordinary people have the skills to give of their time to help this landmark for our part of the country?

And why should the board that oversees the cross be so worried about not getting the work started because it might be privatized? This is a symbol of God's love for us. We should not worry about the privatizing but how many people see it from afar and stop to say a prayer or think of God's wonderful blessings.

The cross is a symbol from God himself, and we should about how many people who are reached just by the sight of it. What would God do? What would Jesus do? I am willing to volunteer my time to help. Just tell me what to do and what to bring. Let's get this started and save it. Seeing it glow over the timbers in the daytime or nighttime, the symbol reminds us to pray for our country, family and home.

MARY JANE CRAFT, Pinckneyville, Ill.