Everybody's a critic - 'The Chronicles of Riddick'

Friday, June 18, 2004

One-half star (out of four)

I believe that you might like "The Chronicles of Riddick" if you are a comic book fan or a video game player, however, I am neither of those.

I believe Vin Diesel may be a better actor than this movie allows him to be. For the most part, he plays Riddick with a sullen mix of menace and indifference.

The plot of this movie was predictable and the special effects and sound overwhelmed the story and dialogue, but maybe that is because the story and dialogue are weak. Special effects, sound and photography should enhance a plot's strengths, not mask its weaknesses.

This was not even a very entertaining movie. In fact, I was a little bored.

Call me old fashioned, but if I want an action movie, give me John Wayne in "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" or Steve McQueen in "Bullitt."

- Jim Lloyd, building supervisor


Two stars (out of four)

With the exception of Riddick and two other characters, "The Chronicles of Riddick" has nothing in common with its predecessor, "Pitch Black." This movie is not a sequel to "Pitch Black" but the continuing adventures of Riddick.

Riddick is again the most wanted man in the universe, but this time finds himself unwittingly saving humankind from a mega-crusade that either converts or kills everyone in its path. The goal of the crusaders is to reach the "Underverse" where all the new believers will be reborn as something completely different, the Necromongers.

Vin Diesel is actually pretty good, but is not quite convincing enough to be the over-the-top character he plays. The Necromongers are a convincing evil armada marching across the universe. Even though the movie has plenty of action with excellent special effects, the plot is sketchy at best. I would have to classify it as a good renter or a matinee movie.

- David Pruitt, engineer

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